Computer Lab

Computer   Computer Lab - Mrs. Debbie Patti 

In Buncombe County students visit the computer lab three times a week for thirty minutes.  While in computer lab students work in a program called Successmaker.  Successmaker is designed to offer individualized instruction in reading and math.

"SuccessMaker offers the core learning students need with 3,300 hours of standards-based reading/language arts, mathematics, and English language development/ESL curriculum. It also provides cross content learning, with science and social studies lessons incorporated into the math and reading curriculum."

"SuccessMaker individualizes instruction to the specific needs of each student by:

  • Automatically presenting instruction at the level at which a student is ready to learn—a level neither too easy nor too difficult—creating a successful learning experience
  • Adjusting the presentation of content to find the optimal sequence of instruction based on student response
  • Guiding learning by employing a variety of instructional strategies when a student has difficulty and providing multiple opportunities to master each concept
  • Periodically activating retention checks during the learning process to ensure retention of previously presented skills
  • Emphasizing specific content areas where students need to focus.
  • Reporting powerful data to identify student areas of difficulty and help teachers effectively target instruction"

   To learning more about Successmaker visit their   website: