Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Quote
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You may also check with your child's classroom teacher to get a list of volunteer opportunities or contact any of the PTO Board Members for information regarding becoming a volunteer.

As a volunteer, you are an important part of the school community. When you become a volunteer, your work takes on special significance -- though you are not part of the staff, you share the same responsibilities that paid staff are held to while engaged with students.  School volunteers may be parents or community members.  Volunteers can be utilized in a variety of situations in schools, ranging from one time only to monthly, weekly or daily commitments. They may provide tutorial help, monitor lunchrooms, staff libraries and supervise playgrounds. Volunteers may assist the classroom teacher and the clerical staff. They may answer telephones, type or file. They might share a special skill, occupation, or talent with the students.
• Availability, dependability, reliability, friendliness and flexibility.
• Awareness of and willingness to follow all school district or state mandated criteria.
• Special talents or abilities that help to enrich the school program.
• Recognition that accepting an assignment is a serious commitment.
• Maintain strict confidentiality regarding students and school personnel.
• A desire and interest in working with children and youth.
• A willingness to learn and to follow directions while working with students.
Background Checks 
Only Level II Volunteers are required to have a background check completed before they can begin working with students. Level I Volunteers only need to fill out an application to be kept on file at the school, no background check is required.
Level I Volunteers
• Do not volunteer more than one time per week.
• Do not have unsupervised contact with students.
• Level I Volunteers may help with PTO/PTA fundraising activities, testing proctors, athletic concession sales, school field days, and school beautification projects.
Level II Volunteers
• Volunteer more than one time per week.
• Have unsupervised contact with students.
• Must have a clear background check.
• Must have adequate reference checks.
• Level II Volunteers may work in the classroom, serve as reading and math tutors, extracurricular coaches, and field trip chaperones.