Mrs. Green's Classroom Behavior

Below is a copy of our behavior chart. The students start on green (ready to learn) everyday and they can go up or down throughout the day. At the end of the day the students are asked to make a dot with the color they are on at that time. 
•  Super Student = 5 Green Dollars
Great Job = 3 Green Dollars
Good Choices = 2 Green Dollars
Ready to Learn = 1 Green Dollars
Think About It = No money given or taken
Teacher’s Choice = My choice of consequence AND they give me 4 Green
Parent Contact = Phone call to parent AND they give me 8 Green Dollars 
Students are allowed to use their money for various rewards. They need to pay me that morning for whatever reward they are wanting to do. Below is a list of the behavior rewards that they can spend their money on. 

$10 - Teacher Helper for the Day

$20 - Eat Lunch with a Friend 

$30 - Chew Gum for the Day - (only inside the classroom) 

$40 - Sit with a friend in the class for the Day 

$50 - Use the teachers desk for the Day

$60 - 15 minutes to play a game on the IPAD

$70 - No homework Pass for one night

$80 - Lunch and a Movie in the classroom for the whole class

$90 Lunch outside for the whole class

$100 - 15 minutes of Extra Recess for the whole class