Virtual School Schedule

Hello parents! This is a document that the third grade team has created to help with scheduling a “school day.” This is optional and can be modified any way that suits you. We will be available four hours a day to answer your questions.

9:00-9:10: iReady Reading (Teachers can keep track of how their lessons are going and communicate that to you)

9:10-9:40: Google Classroom ELA assignments from teacher

9:40-10:10: Read to Self (Razkids, SORA, Epic!, read a take-home book)

**EPIC disclaimer: There are a lot of videos and not as much reading happens on this website. We usually use this site as a Friday funday read aloud option.

10:10-10:20: Take a break, stretch, perform an act of kindness :)

10:20-11:00: Google Classroom Math assignments from teacher

11:00-11:30: Prodigy, Freckle, Xtra Math 

**Teachers will assign prodigy standards that the students need to practice.

11:30-12:00: Take a break, eat lunch, play a game, draw a picture

12:00-12:20: Play a math game, either on Pearson (located on google classroom) or one provided in your take home kit. 

12:20-12:40: Scholastic news assignment from teacher on google classroom

12:40-1:00: Journal Writing: prompt will be provided on google classroom