Classroom Rules and Economy

Mrs. Mazzei's Classroom Rules and Economy

Classroom Rules:
1.Have all appropriate materials and supplies at your desk and be seated when announcements begin.
2. Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings of our class and school.
3. Adjust your voice level to suit the activity.
4. Listen to and follow oral and written directions.
5. Follow the W.D. Williams Elementary School Positive Behavior Intervention Support procedures.


Each citizen who fulfills the responsibilities of their job will receive his/her pay at the end of the month.  Students are also paid for attendance and completing homework assignments for the week.

FINES/ Consequences (ways to lose it)

$5- $25

Not following a class rule (and needing a “reminder”)

up to $20


up to $25

Missing Homework

up to $40

Not following “Positive Behavior Intervention Support” procedures in school

up to $50

Not RISE to the top    (disrespect to a teacher or another student)

up to $200

Dishonesty / Stealing

*Teacher reserves the right to add any fine at any time

 BONUS MONEY (ways to earn it)

$1- $20

Being a model student (can be given at any time during the day)


Returning Progress Reports, Midterms, and Report cards when due


Perfect Attendance for the week


Complete all homework for a week


Outstanding improvement or growth shown by assessment or behavior


Active in extra-curricular activity (example: Fit Girls, Square Dance, Chess, Recycle Club)


Compliment from another teacher

 SPENDING MONEY (ways to spend it)


Read with a Friend during Silent Sustained Reading


Rent a chair cushion


 Sit with a friend from another class at lunch(approval before announcements)


Rent a rolling chair


Rent Mrs Mazzei’s desk – 2 days notice!


Rent hexagon table and work with 3 friends for a day


Lunch and a Movie – with note from parent each student


Homework Pass – per assignment with Mrs. Mazzei’s approval before announcements