Discipline Plan




¨  Show respect for yourself and others.

¨  Keep all body parts and objects to yourself.

¨  Listen and follow directions.

¨  Raise your hand and wait to be chosen.

¨  Be prepared on time.

¨  Use time wisely.


  Consequences for breaking rules


1st----YELLOW LIGHT-----warning

2nd----ORANGE LIGHT U-TURN -----Student Self-Assessment Form

3rd----RED LIGHT-----Student Self -Assessment Forms

4th----STRIPED LIGHT---Student Self -Assessment Forms and parent contact

More extreme behavior----- timeout in another class or office



PBIS Dollars: Given by staff for behaviors to be reinforced. These dollars can be spent in the school store!


Opportunity tickets:  Each day a student stays on the green light and has completed homework with a parent signature, a ticket will be put into the weekly drawing for a trip to the prize box!


Rental tickets: These are given at the teachers’ discretion to reward for many different little situations –“Catch them doing good!” They can be used to rent such things as supplies, extra water breaks,  etc.  

Marbles: Compliments for the whole class from adults earn 2 marbles; from the assistant principal earns 4 marbles; from the principal earns 5 marbles. When the container of marbles has been moved to another container a fun class activity is earned.