PBIS/School Rules


W.D. Williams Elementary School

PBIS Acknowledgment System


1.   Students will be awarded “W.D. Dollars” for positive behaviors.  These dollars may be used to purchase items at our school store at fixed prices (one time a week).  Students may also use their dollars for classroom rewards (as determined by classroom teachers). These may include rewards, such as:

  • Eat lunch with a grade-level friend
  • Extra media time
  • Homework pass for one assignment
  • 15 minutes of extra recess/ free time for entire class
  • Be a helper in another classroom
  • Any other prize as determined by teacher that works well for his/ her class (Example – extra time on the Ipad/Thinkpad)

2. Quarterly celebrations are held for all Tier 1 students who have been displaying positive behaviors. These celebrations will include a Wii Dance Party and a Picnic/ Recess lunch. 3. Positive Referrals are made by all staff members for students that are observed showing positive behaviors. Students will be recognized on the announcements.