PBIS/School Rules


W.D. Williams Elementary School

PBIS Matrix


W.D. Williams Elementary School

Do your BEST, Be your BEST!



Be respectful






Hands, feet, objects to yourself

Know where you are going, go directly there

Walking feet, single file, right side

Keep clean, Follow directions


Keep clean,

Respect privacy

Use properly, Return promptly

Hands, feet and objects to yourself, Wash hands, Walking feet

Quiet, Water Off, Flush

On the Bus


Follow directions, Stay Seated

Hands, feet and objects to yourself, Feet out of the aisle

Listen, Obey driver


Talk at your table quietly

Eat your meal, Adjust your voice,

Raise your hand

Walking feet, Sit appropriately, Use utensils for eating

Use manners, Clean up


Share, Take turns

Safe and wise choices, Be active

Use equipment correctly, Leave rocks and sticks on the ground

Help others, Be a good friend


Listen, Use manners

Participate appropriately

Follow directions, Walking feet

Use manners

Virtual Learning

Use kind words and actions, Use online manners Communicate in a positive way, Use school appropriate behavior

Actively participate, Stay on task, Ask teachers questions, Contribute to classroom conversations and work

Only access BCS approved websites and apps, report inappropriate or unkind comments, Not give out personal information or passwords, Communicate with people known in real life

Stay on teacher assigned websites and apps, Respond to others appropriately, Be mindful about what is posted online, Use device for schoolwork