School Supply Lists

W.D. Williams Elementary

  161 Bee Tree Rd, Swannanoa, NC  28778 (828) 686-3856

School Supplies – 2019/2020

Additional items may be requested by each individual teacher at the beginning of the school year.


$10 for classroom projects 1 large Kleenex 24 small treasure box toys

2 jumbo glue sticks 1 plastic pencil box 2 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

1 pack of Ticonderoga #2 pencils 1 pair of over the ear headphones 1 pack of fine tipped Expo dry erase markers

1 container of pop up baby wipes

A backpack large enough to carry folder/book/etc. – no wheels please-

First Grade

5 marble composition books 2 packages of #2 wooden pencils 2 plastic 2 pocket folders w/ brads

6 large glue sticks 1 plastic pencil box 2 packages # 2 yellow wooden pencils

3 large boxes of Kleenex Clorox-free antibacterial wipes Over the ear headphones with straight plug

Child size Scissors Post-it notes 24 count of Crayola crayons

1 four count Expo markers 24 treasure box items (no candy)

Wish List: Hand sanitizer, Liquid Antibacterial Hand Soap, 12 count Crayola Markers, White Copy Paper, individual pencil sharpeners w/ cover, white card stock paper, Zip Lock Bags (gallon, quart, sandwich, snack) 

Second Grade

4 sewn composition books 1 package of eraser caps 3 plastic pocket folders w/ brads

One 1” binder 24 pack crayons 1 pencil box

2 glue sticks safety scissors 3 packages #2 pencils

1 ream of color copy paper One 4-pack skinny expo dry erase markers

Headphones (over the ear or ear buds)

Last Name A-M: Gallon bags, color construction paper, band aids, hand soap, post-it notes

Last Name N-Z: Large pink erasers, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, washable markers

Wish List: Sharpie Markers, colored or white card stock

Third Grade

2 dozen #2 pencils 1 pair of scissors Soft sided pouches (no pencil boxes please)

2 glue sticks 2 boxes Kleenex One 1” three ring binder

1 box colored pencils 2 packs Post It notes 1 pair earbuds or headphones

1 package expo markers 1 pack sheet protectors

3 Marble sewn composition books OR one 5-subject notebook

Wish List- 1 ream color copy paper

Fourth Grade 

2 dozen #2 pencils 2 large pink erasers 1 pencil sharpener w/ cover

One 12 pack colored pencils 2 different colored highlighters 1 pack of red pens-not retractable

One 1” 3-ring binder-plain color 3 marble covered composition books (black, red, blue)-avoid plastic covers

2 graph ruled composition books: non-perforated pages please 1 glue stick

One pair of sturdy ear buds

Wish List: 4 boxes Kleenex, Zip Lock bags (quart, gallon, 2 gallon)

Fifth Grade

2 packages #2 pencils 1 package colored pencils One 1 ½ “ Three-ring binder w/ pockets

1 single subject notebook 4 large glue sticks 2 marble composition books

2 highlighters 2 boxes Kleenex Ear buds or headphones

Hand sanitizer Boys: 1 pack Post-it notes          Girls: 1 pack of index cards

Wish List: 1 pack of copy paper, Expo brand dry erase markers, copy paper