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The night of September 15th the people from México give El Grito de Independencia to celebrate their independence. On September 16 they have big parades. 
México was a country colonized by Spain, that is reason why Mexicans speak Spanish. 

The night of September 15, 1810 the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla called all the people of Dolores to start fighting for their independence. The fighting began on the 16th. Mexicans fought for 11 years. on September 27, 1821 they got their independence from Spain. 

I had some parents learning with us about this important holiday. We learned, worked, played, sang songs and ate together. We had a lot of fun!
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On October 12th. we celebrate the first time Europeans and Americans met. Students learned about their heritage and made a t-shirt with one of the flags that represent the country from where their ancestors came to the United States.