Mazzei, Linda (4th)

Meet the Teacher

Welcome to my Classroom!

Ms. Linda Mazzei


Mrs. Mazzei's Mission Statement

~to build a relationship with my students and help each student attain their best  in academic achievement and personal growth


~ to encourage and support students to be the Leaders in their Learning 


~to create and develop a systematic, structured, and pleasant work environment in the classroom as a model for the student's work ethnics now and in their future


~to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime













Working with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
Mrs. Mazzei's Maniacs

Mrs. Mazzei


Mrs. Mazzei's Vision for a
Successful Classroom


Security. Students must feel safe enough in the classroom to take risks in the course of their learning.  Making mistakes and learning how to solve problems is an important part of student learning.


Identity. Each student must be recognized as an individual with unique needs and abilities


Responsibility. The class belongs as much to the students as to the teacher. We are all responsible for our learning, environment, and community.


Dignity. All classroom members should have self-respect and respect for the thoughts and actions of others.


Community. Together, the teacher, students, and parents create a support system that encourages reciprocal trust and responsibility.



2008 - 2009 Teacher of the Year






 STEM Saturday with investigations for students and parents.