Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of your child’s school experience. Supporting good work habits requires a joint effort. I will support your child and encourage good work habits at school. I will provide time during the day for the students to record their daily assignments, which should be recorded after returning from an absence.  Your child will benefit greatly from your support and encouragement at home.  

Please read the homeworkhomework  policy below and discuss it together. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Mazzei.

Homework Policy

  • Homework assignments are not graded, but evaluated by the students during small groups.  Students who do not do homework assignments will not be penalized, but will miss the opportunity to practice strategies learned in the class. 

  • 4th grade students will have no more than 40 minutes of homework assigned Monday through Thursday.  No homework is assigned over holidays.

  • Students will always have homework in writing/vocabulary, reading, and mathematics unless noted in their planner and initialed by the teacher.

  • Late homework will be accepted only with a note from the parent/guardian in the student's planner.  Otherwise, late homework is not accepted.

  • Each student will have a planner. It is the student's responsibility to correctly and completely fill in their planner daily.

  • Student groups will review, evaluate, and discuss homework assignments in class.  Each student will individually evaluate their homework.  Homework is evaluated by the students, but not included in their Power School Grade Book.  
  • SNOW DAYS –  Students should complete the next assignments when a snow day occurs.

Student’s Homework Responsibilities & Habits

  • Homework assignments are based on each day's lesson.  To be prepared to tackle your homework, the you must be an active and engaged learner.  Ask questions.  Be the Leader of Your Learning!

  • Copy all assignment details completely in your planner. Be sure to take home all materials needed to complete your assignments.

  • CAREFULLY check over each assignment.

  • Have a parent/guardian sign your planner daily.

  • When you have been absent check the class room planner and your absent folder for assignments and handouts.

  • When in doubt, please ask!