Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You can't imagine how excited I am about teaching your 4th grade children ! We are going to have a great time in this class, and we are going to learn a great deal together.

When I say together, I mean all of us...your child, you and me! We will be working together as a team with a common goal. That goal is to educate and nurture your son or daughter. You see, I believe firmly that we all must work together if the children are to succeed. I can't do it alone; you can't do it alone; certainly the students can't do it alone.

21st Century Learning is more than "factual information", we can get facts easily from the Internet.  21st Century Learning  includes: problem-solving skills, positive thinking, creativity/innovation, multitasking, initiative, cultural sensitivity, accepting responsibility, team working, empathy, communication, and manners.  These are the "new basic skills" sought by employers and schools of  higher education.  These are goals we will strive for as the students become the Leaders in their Learning.

Please be involved in your child's studies. Learn multiplication tables and fractions all over again along with your child! The rewards for active participation in your child's education are hard to see on a day-to-day basis, but they will manifest themselves down the road, I assure you.

I pledge to you that I will do my utmost best for your child. I will work to make him or her a better person- more responsible, more caring, and more educated!

I pledge to you that I will work to the best of my ability to teach all subjects so the your child will arrive at the other end of this year with a better understanding of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. I pledge to care for your child while in the school so as to increase his or her self-worth. Each child is important to me.  I will be fair and open about the problems, and I will let you know of any - if, and when they arise.

I pledge to keep you informed of all that is happening in my class. I will communicate through the student's Class Dogo, Google Classroom, e-mail, notes home, Progress Reports, Midterms, Student Folders, and telephone calls so that you will know when your child has done something wonderful or something not so great. Check your Google Classroom, daily.  You will know what their assignments are, what they are working on, work they are missing - all on a daily basis. It is a wonderful way to keep up to date on the progress of your child. This web site is designed to give you a window into our classroom.  Please visit it often.

I pledge to be open to your communication. You may contact me through Class Dogo, send an e-mail, call the school, and/or schedule a conference at your convenience..

From all this, I hope that you have gotten the idea that I am a dedicated and serious teacher, and I want to do the best for your son or daughter while they are in my care. Let's work to make this a great school year!

Mrs. Linda MazzeiBitmoji Image