Homework/School Work Information

baggy book

ear Parents,
                Please read the baggy book sent home every night! As you read please point out things like: the front of the book, the title, where you start reading, do you know any letters/words, what do you do at the end of a sentence, where do you go after the last word on the page, etc...
      Please also review letters and words.  The words will be on different color paper based on where your child is.  After they complete one level their name will be added to the rainbow!!!
      Also, please work on having your child memorize the number on the index card. This is the number they will use in the lunch room, media center, and computer lab. It is very important that they learn this number. Thanks for your help in working with your child on this!
*This year as part of the daily homework I am asking parents to have their child work on Lexia Core for 20mins each night.  Lexia Core is a computer reading program that works on your child's individual reading level.  Please do not give them answers.  This program is designed to reteach questions students get incorrect.  This program allows me to see the errors they make and adjust their independent reading level.  A not explaining how to log in will be sent home with your child.

If you have any questions about this please let me know.
Letters we know: Aa, Tt, Ff, Cc, Oo, Nn, Mm, Bb, Ll,Ii, Uu, 
Words we know: I, a, go, is, it, you, can,