Supply List

Dr. Murillo's
4th Grade Supply List (instead of 4th grade list) 

  •    4-marble composition books (different colors- try to get red, yellow, blue, green, black)
  •    2- marble graph books (like the composition books, but with squares instead of lines)
  •    1- pkg red pens
  •    2- highlighters
  •    2- folders with pockets and brads (plain colors: red, blue)
  •    2- lg erasers
  •    3- pkg #2 pencils
  •    4- boxes tissue  
  •    1- pencil sharpener with shavings catcher     
  •    1-1 inch 3-ring notebook with pockets (plain colors)      
  •    1- box of slider zip-lock baggies
  •    1- pkg. dry erase markers
  •    1- pair earbuds for computer use
  •    1- clean old sock (to use as a white board eraser) 
  •    1- packs of white 4x6 index cards
  •    2- highlighters (different colors)
  •    1- roll of transparent tape
    *Please do not bring backpacks on wheels. They do not fit in our cubbies. 
 ** If you are not financially able to get these all these supplies, your child will be given the necessary supplies.