Science and Social Studies Links

Respiratory System

Additional information on the respiratory system

Circulatory System/ Cardiovascular System

More information and facts about the Circulatory System

Get Body Smart

Great resource for your Human Body Powerpoint.

Kids Health

Learn about the systems of the human body.

The Digestive System

Learn more about the digestive system here.

Muscular System

Interesting facts about the muscular system

All About the Respiratory System

Learn about the respiratory system through this interactive website.

Get to Know the Skeletal System

Learn about the functions of the skeletal system through exploration with this website.

All About the Heart

Learn interesting facts about the heart.  Watch a simulation as blood is pumped through the heart.

All About the Brain

Interactive site that teaches you all about the human brain.

Cell Stations

Explore the four stations and take notes about the cells you see.

Inside a Cell

Explore the inside of a plant and animal cell.

BBC Friction Simulaton

Experiment with different surfaces to determine which surfaces have great friction.

Skate Park Friction

Help Stephen the skater find the best surface to skate on.

Sid the Science Kid: Friction

Experiment with different surfaces to see which surfaces have more friction.

Amusement Park Physics

Try your hand at designing a roller coaster that is safe as well as fun.  Good Luck!


Use this simulation to see how mass and drag will affect the motion of a vehicle.

El Nino Video

Watch the following video segment for information about El Nino.

Clouds- Weather Wiz Kids

Access tons of information about clouds and weather.

Matter Mystery

Read the clues and reveal the different properties of matter.

Heat Transfer

Interactive site lets you experiment with different types of heat transfer.  

NASA for Kids

Interesting site with fun activities.

Estuary Biomes

Learn all about estuaries!

The Wild Classroom: Biomes

Great information about aquatic and terrestrial biomes.

The World's Biomes

Learn about different terrestrial and aquatic biomes.


Explore the movement of a vehicle over different surfaces.  Learn how the different surfaces effect the movement of the vehicle.


Matter websites:  Explore the different states of matter.  Learn about experiments that make the properties of solids, liquids and gasses change.

Weather Maker

Report or predict the weather with this site.  There are three levels that will challenge your weather knowledge!


Learn about different biomes with this site.

Mission: Biomes

This website has valuable information about different biomes.

Gulf Stream

Use this link to complete the Gulf Stream Investigation

Cloud Site

Use this website to find information about the differnt types of clouds.

EEK! Science activities for kids

This website is from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  There are great science activities on this site.

Weather Wiz Kids

Learn about different kinds of weather on this cool interactive website.

Ed Heads

Explore the world of science.  Predict the weather, identify simple machines or perform brain surgery!

Biomes of the World

Learn about different biomes around the world through this great website from the Missouri Botanical Garden.


Study Jams

This website has really cool math and science information.  Listen as the crew jams to different science topics.

NASA's Space Place

This website is loaded with interesting space facts to explore, interactive games and quizzes.

The Great Plant Escape

Learn all you need to know about plants and help Detective Laplant and his partners Bud and Sprout solve mysteries about plants.

Just for Kids

This website is loaded with great activities and games.  Check it out!  There are too many to list here.