School History

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W.D Williams was originally called Swannanoa Elementary School. Swannanoa Elementary was housed for many years across the street from W. D. Williams present location. During that time it was a K-8 school, due to overcrowding the county built a new high school. This allowed for the 6-8 grades in the Owen district to use the old high school as the new Owen Middle School. Shortly after 6-8 grades had made their move a new Swannanoa Elementary was built. In 1980 Swannanoa Elementary moved buildings to what is today W.D. Williams.


Name change

Swannanoa Elementary School name changed after a beloved principal retired in March of 1990. Bill Williams taught at Swannanoa for 8 years and then was principal for 17 years. After his retirement the community and teachers felt that the school should carry his name. He was a wonderful administrator who had a great deal of respect for the staff that worked under him. He stood behind his teachers and was a great communicator. As a symbol of appreciation and to honor him for his dedication and years of service the PTO petitioned the School Board for a name change.